Town Helps Make Woman’s Wish For Her Dog To Play In The Snow One Last Time A Reality

A town in Ontario honored a dog owner’s final wish for her beloved pooch to play in the snow one last time.

The town of Bancroft said they received a Facebook message from a pet owner who lived over 60 miles away.

“She was looking for a spot for her dog to see snow one more time, as she is ‘on the last legs of life’,” an administrator for the town’s Facebook page wrote. “We let her know that there is snow in the area, and she got to driving right away.”

Two hours later, the pet owner, Jodie Mercer, shared these heartwarming photos of her dog Mairead making snow angels.

Mercer saw the photos of her dog on The Town of Bancroft’s Facebook page and shared an update on her dog, as well as her appreciation for all the kind comments from residents.

“Thank you to everyone for your beautiful comments. Mairead (pictured above) is 12-years-old with congestive heart failure and hemangiosarcoma of the spleen (and infiltrating her lungs). The past week has been very hard, but she is rallying and is such a beautiful little trooper.

When I messaged the Town of Bancroft this morning asking if you had snow, I felt like a crazy dog mom. Instead of being passed off or ignored, I was met with compassion and a photo of a backyard covered in snow, with a note to come soon as it was warming up. We packed up our little girl for what might be her last road trip in her favourite Jeep and we got moving!

Not only did we get her to her beloved snow for a roll and some puppy snow angels, we took her to Eagle’s Nest as she is a woods girl at heart, and although we didn’t make it very far to see the sights, she loved the woods and the beautiful rock cuts.

Thank you so much for being such a compassionate (and snowy!) town and for making my wish for her come true. Winter is her absolute favourite time of year, and with the mild weather here in Quinte, I don’t think she would have had the opportunity to see it if not for Bancroft area.”