Professor Offers To Cook Thanksgiving Dinner For Students Spending The Holiday Alone

A college professor offered to cook and deliver a Thanksgiving dinner to any of her students who might be spending the holiday alone.

Liz Pearce, a communications professor at the University of Iowa, says she has seen her students deal with many challenges that have come with the pandemic.

Knowing that some of her students would not be able to travel this upcoming holiday and not wanting anyone to celebrate alone, she offered to cook and deliver a traditional Thanksgiving meal to anyone who needs it.

One of her students, Leah Blask, was overwhelmed with how kind the gesture was that she posted a screenshot of the email on Twitter.

“My professor is absolutely too pure for this world,” she captioned the post.

“I didn’t tell her that I was going to tweet about it until it started to gain a lot more than I ever could have expected,” Blask told her local news station.

“I was just blown away really. The thing that really affected me the most was that so many of the people who read it said it brought a tear to their eye. And I was happy that it touched people, but I felt kinda sad because I think we’ve had such a hard fall,” added Pearce.

So far, three of her students have taken her up on the offer.